Welcome to our information and navigation page! Here, we provide you with a concise overview of our wide range of services and consulting offerings. Our expertise extends across various areas that are crucial for modern businesses. From compliance with legal regulations to optimizing your business processes – we are your competent partner.

In the overview below, you will find brief descriptions of each of our service areas. Whether it’s compliance requirements, efficiency improvement, or sustainable corporate management – we have the expertise to comprehensively support you. Discover our services now and let us help you achieve your goals together!

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AwSV (Facilities Handling Hazardous Substances): Consultation and support for compliance with legal requirements for facilities handling hazardous substances to ensure environmental and water protection.

CE Compliance (Machinery Directive): Assistance in complying with European directives and standards to ensure the conformity of products and services with EU regulations.

External Consultants: Provision of experts for specific tasks such as occupational safety or environmental protection to assist your company in complying with relevant regulations.

Permit Management: Support in planning, applying for, and obtaining necessary permits for projects and facilities to ensure legally compliant operations.

Lean Management: Consultation in Lean management methods to increase efficiency and productivity through process optimization and waste reduction.

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA): Creation of life cycle assessments to evaluate the environmental impacts of products or processes to promote sustainable decision-making.

Management Systems: Development and implementation of management systems such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 to optimize quality, environmental management, and other areas of your business.

Project Management: Professional planning, execution, and control of projects to efficiently and successfully achieve goals.

Training: Offering training and workshops on various topics such as safety, environmental protection, or specific expertise to expand employee competencies.

Experts: Providing experts with specialized knowledge for assessments, examinations, or consultations in various fields of expertise.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading: Consultation and support for participation in emissions trading, including CO2 accounting and emissions trading.

Certifications: Support in obtaining certifications for products, systems, or services to demonstrate quality standards and compliance.

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