AwSV Compliance Services – Your Key to Safe and Law-Compliant Facility Operation

“In Germany, there is no legally compliant facility operation without AwSV compliance.”

In today’s regulated economy, compliance with the Water Resources Act (AwSV) is crucial for operators of facilities handling hazardous substances. A central aspect of this is ensuring the AwSV compliance of your facilities. Our team of experts offers comprehensive services to ensure that your facilities meet the stringent legal requirements in Germany. With our support, you can ensure the legally compliant operation of your facilities.

Our AwSV compliance services include:

Preparation of AwSV Compliance Reports: We professionally prepare reports by officially recognized experts, which form the basis for your applications under § 42 AwSV.

Conducting Suitability Assessments in accordance with § 42 AwSV: Our experts assess the suitability of your planned facilities and assist you in meeting the legal requirements.

Issuing Certificates under § 41 AwSV: We issue necessary certificates confirming the compliance of your facilities with AwSV requirements.

Inspections of Industrial Facilities under § 46 AwSV: We conduct inspections by authorized experts to verify the practicality and legal compliance of your facilities

Your Partner for Legally Compliant Facility Operation

We understand the complexity and importance of the AwSV compliance processes and specialize in guiding and supporting you at every step. Our expertise ensures the legally compliant operation of your facilities and contributes to environmental and safety standards compliance. Contact us to learn more about our AwSV compliance services and how we can help you operate your facilities safely and in compliance with the law.

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